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Automakers worried if Canadians will make purchases even as their widen their options

As automakers continue to improve the variety and choices available for electric vehicles, there is some uncertainty on Canadians making purchases. A range of different makes was seen during the Canadian Autoshow, where it availed a range of over 40 different fully electric vehicles and hybrids. 

Major makers and sellers of these EVs are aware that the government must come in for the plan to work. It targets that they will have increased the number of purchasers if the government supports them through different incentives. They are only going to succeed if the government comes up with systems that are against or stringent on the production and use of internal combustion engines. The use of internal combustion engines is highly addictive, considering the much that they make from their production and sales.

While a number of car manufacturers such as Hyundai have already moved to the new system, there is still no satisfying sales. The cost of production is feared, considering that the number of buyers and users is also considered low. Companies that produce automotive fear making losses from the introduction of a new and not popularly accepted technology. One of the main manufacturers, ford, is set to be among those that will supply the Canadian market with EVs. However, there is still uncertainty on this issue as purchases are feared to be extremely low.

Ford has realized that customers are interested in purchasing the EVs only that they fear to lose some vital aspects such as comfort and performance. They noted that producing an equivalent of what is seen in the internal combustion engine cars is the way to raise purchases. Having achieved sufficient persuasion, it will be easy to increase the number of sales that they make. 

Another major manufacturer, general motors, has plans of reviving their hummer only that it will have shifted to the use of electric batteries. It is a vehicle that the target to increase their sales through the addition of electric capability while still maintaining other features. The process of achieving this goal will need a lot of balancing between the selling price and the cost of production.  The key to improving the number of such vehicles on the road in Canada is lowering the costs involved and thus enticing customers. 

Once the companies that are producing these vehicles have delivered value in their makes at lower costs, they will have managed to win over the Canadian buyers while still ensuring profitability. Better policies will also be instrumental in increasing their sales tremendously.   

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