Chinese EV Industry Getting Back on its Feet 

The coronavirus scare is coming to an end in China. Coming with it is the return of matters back to normal. While it might seem queer, the coronavirus has earned Chinese automakers an added win in EV sales. 

Following the recent outbreak and shutting down of operations in China, the auto industry has seen a tremendous reduction in sales. However, things are not all doom and gloom for automakers. As streets and shops reopen after a long-standing battle with corona, experts speculate that the EV industry will see an increase in sales 

The pandemic will seem to have a more significant impact than expected. Results from a survey done by Ipsos, indicate a shift in preference toward privately owned vehicles as opposed to public transport. However further findings show that consumers now opt for air conditioners fitted with germ filters and infused antibacterial materials 

Yet at its peak, the pandemic affected sales to a stomping 4%  of cars sold compared to previous year sales. As the days progressed, sales gradually returned to normal. However that is not all, experts speculate that the industry will see a rebound to where it wears previously 

Tesla’s sakes in the last years grew from 3900 to 10000 cars in the Chinese auto market. Following this outcome, Tesla has it in plans to build a Chinese model 3 that will feature better range capability at a reasonably similar price point. The company also aims to increase its product line with more models 

Volkswagen has had it rough in the EV market during the corona pandemic season. However, things are looking up in its favor as the automaker reports a slow but sure filling of its showrooms. Volkswagen has in its plans to launch an EV plant in Changchun by the close of the year 

These plans are backed up by steps placed by the Chinese government to boost the purchase of electric cars. Among the measures were incentives that encourage the production of EVs Abby and subsidies in the manufacturing process 

That is not all; companies are also in the wave by offering to contactless test drives for their cars, Tesla’s china branch pushed out a new offer that provides free charging for their customers in chains 

While the situation might take some time before going back to normal, carmakers and EV firms have plans in place to ensure sales spring back. The EV industry took a substantial hit during the pandemic period; however, the outcome might prove beneficial.