Honda and GM collaborate to develop Electric Vehicle

General Motors, which is the leading car manufacturer and Honda, announced the plans to cooperate in the development of the electric vehicle.  The vehicle that the two companies will develop will be for Honda but will use electricity. The site where the vehicle manufacturing will take place is the general motors new and flexible platform. The vehicle power will use the long-lasting lithium batteries. 

In the partnership agreement, Honda will be responsible for the design both the exterior and the interior of the EVs vehicles. The platform where the vehicle manufacturing will take place will transform to support the typical driving behavior of Honda vehicles. The development of the car will use both the expertise of the two companies who will be responsible for the duties in the line of production in the North America Company for General Motors. According to the combined information, the vehicle will be in the market by the end of 2024. The vehicle selling mode will be retail according to their needs, and they may cater to the demand for electric vehicles in Canada and the U.S markets. 

The two companies for making automotive already are working for a project that is similar to electrification. The plan for the company covers manufacturing of fuel cells and a concept car referred to as Cruise Original, which this year January it made its debut in San Francisco.  The vehicle is actual for the future and will be autonomous, electrified, and shared car. In the above project, Honda and GM joined hands in the formation of the battery in the year 2018. 

Rick Schostek, who is the executive vice president for the American Honda Motors Company, commented on the relationship between the two companies’ development of the electric vehicle. He added the partnership would increase the bond between the two companies and improve the speed and accuracy of the manufacturing that will bear great results for the customers. Most of the people believe the relationship between the two companies will open the economies of scale. The Electric Vehicle will be the roadmap for Honda Electric Vehicles and improve its industry-main effort of reducing the production of greenhouse gasses emission. There is also an ongoing discussion about the future major partnership between the companies.

 The agreement between the two companies was GM to handle the safety and security requirements of the Electric Vehicle. There are also plans for Honda to make driver assistant technology, which is hand-free.