The first sync-buck for satellite energy applications Launched.

The sector’s first single-chip sequential buck and low drop-out (LDO) transmitter, aimed at low power FPGAs, DDR-memory and some other virtual loads for spacecraft payload applications, is unveiled by Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a leading supplier of specialized semiconductor systems.

ISL70005SEH is seems to be the only power point-of-load solution (POL) used to reduce the size, weight, and power (SWaP) in a single monolithic IC, by incorporating the synch buck and LDO. This device allows satellite producers to minimize the bill of materials(BOM) alongside energy supply footprint for medium Earth orbit (MEO) and geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) long-period mission profiles.

The POL regulator ISL70005SEH rad-hard blends a high efficiency of 95 percent of the syringe buck controller and low 75 mV drop-off to the LDO device. This device facilitates thermal management of 3.3V or 5V power bus systems and supports 3A constant output voltage current for both the buck control system and ±1A for the LDO. The buck controller utilizes a voltage system architecture that switches at a frequency that can adjust to the resistor, from 100kHz to 1MHz, allowing for a filter smaller in size. 

Philip Chesley, Deputy director, Sectoral and Communication Enterprise Department at Renesas, said: “The ISL70005SEH grants Satellite producers superior radioactive appearances and SWaP and BOM investments they require. “Our double-output POL control system also offers configuration for the management of multiple functions in commercial satellites, militia Satcom satellites plus scientific and discovery missions.

The space-grade ISL70005SEH allows the configuration simpler and encourages designers to use it for RF applications as a dual output interface, DDR memory management system, or high-efficiency low noise regulation. The flexible LDO can generate and reduce power and accept input voltages up to 775 mV to eliminate unnecessary power discharge.

The loop correction externally adjusted on the buck helps users to achieve a perfect stability balance and unpredictable production efficiency. The device is 100krad(Si) high dose rate (HDR) tests with a wafer acceptance, plus tests with a low dose rate (LDR) of up to 75krad(Si). Checking single-event effects (SEE) demonstrates no single-event latch-up (SEL) or Single-event burnout (SEB) of up to 86Mev cm2/mg for a linear transfer of energy (LET). The LET range is 8.5 to 86MeV cm2/mg, with single event transients (SETs).

The ISL70005SEH is a single-chip energy solution both for FPGA core and me/ O lines. The ISL71840ESEH 30V 16-channel Multiplexer, ISL70591SEH 100μA precision current source, and ISL71090SEH12 is a single-chip power solution, and can also be used with Renesas analog Signal chain ICs to provide a satellite telemetry remedy.

The ISL70005SEH also provides a full-power solution including redundancy and high-processing FPGAs, combined with several other Renesas power management ICs: ISL70061SEH 10A PMOS load switch, ISL70321SEH quad-power supply sequencer, ISL75051ASEH 3A LDO and ISL70003ASEH 9A buck regulation.