The second selection of astronauts will be in January 2021

The United Arab Emirates has plans to increase the number of its astronaut’s corps twice the current amount by early 2021. The applicants for the position were 4, 000 and the country requires only two astronauts.

The announcement on 10th May from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre received 4,305 applications from the UAE citizens that want to be astronauts. The applicants for the astronaut’s selection last day was on 1st May 2020. There was an increase in the number of applicants had increased by & percent compared to the year 2018. In 2018, only two astronauts won the application, namely, Hazzaa Al Mansoori and Sultan Al Neyadi. The first Emirati to go in space was Al Mansoori, who went up to the International Space Station the year 2019 in September using Soyuz spacecraft and stayed there for one week.

During the 11th May 2020 interview, Salem Al-Marri, who is the current head of the Astronauts program in the UAE said, the latest round experienced not only the increase in the applicant’s number but also the quality the poses for the job. He added they experienced applicants with a high profile who had more qualifications than what they had expected. The numbers of applicants were more severe than the previous time and had increased.

The increased number of people had an increased character of qualified people with an understanding of the overall knowledge of astronauts during the selection process, and the Al Mansoori’s flight that went to the ISS last year was with a lot of success. For the first time, the country experienced a high number of people applying, and all of them were new to the sky. More people did not have hope that all that is going to have but now is a reality. Since Hazzaa went to the sky and it was a reality, most of the candidates now are serious about the journey to ISS.  

The application process ended. According to Al-Marri, the panel will review the applications and reduce them to 300 people. The 300 will pass through the interview panel online due to the presence of the COVID 19, which will follow by the psychological mental and other health fit tests. The above tests and the interview will reduce the number of applicants to 100. The next interview panel will reduce the candidates to 50 who will undergo additional testing and interviews.  The interviewing process will start from now up to the end of the year.