UK Government needs to Address Difficulties That Puts People off The Electric Cars.

Huge targets have been put by the Scottish and the United Kingdom governments to be a net-zero economy by the year 2045 and 2025. Though a variety of enterprises will be needed by the government, firms, and the society to attain this target, each firm will be required to contain carbon reduction at the center of what it does and quickly familiarize technologies that are new to achieve zero emissions from the activities. 

Use the case of cars, since they are the best contributor to carbon emissions.  According to an estimate, transport alone brings 30 percent of the EU’s total emissions, where road transport rises to 72 percent. With the size needed to expand, any plan to reduce overall emissions that shall wrestle the element aggressively.

The government of the United Kingdom (UK) has publicized its plan to ban hybrid, diesel and petrol cars by 2035.  You cannot understand the combative posturing of the government since a third of the carbon emissions are from road transport. However, it is an exclusion of combustion fuel technology that can reduce emissions.  You need to consider the following issues; one, the eagerness of alternative techniques to substitute diesel and petrol on a large scale; two, in a society that complies with the democracy, a ban should apply as only a degree of last resort. There is scientific confirmation that smoking leads to grave harm to the health of a person at the point that it can kill them. 

Though the production of the cigarette is not yet banned. The government familiarized the legislation that confines the sale of cigarettes, thus controlling the usage of cigarettes.  Governments should quickly familiarize real policies that make technologies of cleaning to be more attractive to users than banning the manufacture of diesel and petrol cars. Research on technological changes explains that once a technology is rooted in a firm, it contributes to path dependency; this means that changing the strategy of the technology can cost high prices for both customers and producers. Therefore, the firm continues locked in the available technology.  For any new technology, you must address two situations: technical performance and price. The car firm has its origins in electric technology. There is more that needs to be done to ensure that people adopt electric vehicles as their primary mode of transportation.